Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another cleaning idea

Talked to one of my classmates the other day who is big time into running and the Vibram shoes, and he recommended scrubbing out the soles of the Vibram's before washing them, and also spraying them down with Bleach.  He said the bleach did not harm his pair of Vibram's, so I will have to try this idea out. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More runnin'

Ran 1.75 miles on the indoor track last week, plus 1.5 miles down the dirt road on a separate day.  Both runs were pretty good, except I tried some sidestepping on the indoor run & made my inner thigh muscles ache.  Oh well, looking forward to more good weather this week & hopefully bringing the Vibram's to an outdoor running track down at the high school. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's pronounced "VEE-brum"

Just so you know, and don't go around saying it incorrectly, Vibram is pronounced "Vee-brum".

So, been running some more.  Time to clean the Vibrams again, trying vinegar and baking soda prior to washing, plus sprayed with sport febreeze odor control.  Before putting on your Vibram's, first use an alcohol wipe and clean your foot, then let your foot dry.  Then, place some sort of foot powder on your feet and then put your Vibram's on. This method should help keep odor away & believe me, you wouldn't believe how quickly these things start smelling.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keeping 'em clean

Up to this point, I had been keeping my Vibram's smelling frest by using Kiwi Fresh Force in them, but I decided it was time to really get them clean.  I put in the next wash load with my a batch of clothes and ran them on normal.  They came out looking cleaner and smelling much fresher.  According to the directions, you are supposed to let them air dry, so I hung them near the open window and let them dry overnight.  The next morning, they looked and smelled good, so I took them for another run at the track.
Chilling out by the window

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Run 4: First outdoor experience

Well, it's late in February and a nice 80 degree day outside, so I decided it was time for a test run with the Vibram's outside on rougher terrain than I have put them through so far. I ran 1.5 miles, which is the most I have run since I was in high school!  Throughout the the run, they felt comfortable and even when I stepped on several sharp rocks on the road, they didn't hurt my feet.  During the run, the only thing that was a little annoying was when I was running on the side where grass was, some of the long grass pieces were getting stuck between the toes.  At the end of the run, the shoes were quite dusty, so I walked around on some clean grass before heading in.  Then I used the Kiwi Fresh Force to make sure they smelled fresh for my next run.

Rocky terrain

Kansas Country road

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Run 3: Running indoors keeps you out of the snow

Well, the snow is coming down in blizzard fashion here in Kansas!  I trekked out in the snow and cold and headed over to the gym indoor running track.  Slipped on my Bikila's and headed over to the step-elliptical machine.  Did about 5 minutes to warm up and then headed to the track where I proceeded to run 1.25 miles.  By the end of the run, my calves felt super sore.  I walked around for a little while to cool down and then headed over to a seat and sat down to switch into my New Balance shoes to head out into the snow.  When I stood up, my calves protested and started to slightly cramp.  I did a few stretches and then went on my way into the cold. I've noticed the front part of the soles of my feet are starting to callous more like the heels normally do, so I imagine running will get even more comfortable over time as my feet toughen.  Looking forward to warm weather and outdoor running!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Run 2: Life only moves forward one step at a time

After getting home from Sunday morning Service, I slipped into my Bikila's and headed over to the track again. I think I should mention one thing right now before I forget it. The first day when trying on the Vibram's, I found it a little difficult to put them on because I wasn't used to having to get five toes into the five toeholds. After a few days I find it just as easy as putting on a sock, and I would recommend first putting your large toe into it's spot, and then the other toes will easily slide into the correct spots, then pull the heel portion on and lastly, strap down the top Velcro strap. So back to the run, I began with some light dynamic (moving) stretches beforehand and then proceeded to run. I tried running a sprint in them, and it felt like I was flying. I was able to go at a much faster speed than I have ever run before because I was running completely on the ball of my foot when sprinting. It was a great experience, but after running a total of 1.12 miles, I decided to quit because I don't want to overdo it and risk getting sore feet since I am still new to minimalist running. Once again, my calves felt sore when I was done, but not as sore as the first run I had done.
More to come.

Check out this link for a photo of Abebe Bikila running barefoot.  Photo is not my property, so I can't post on here.